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You’re never alone

The hot chocolate comes in a generic white bowl. It is sweet and thick and comforting. It doesn’t give you a rush, quite the opposite. The hasty gourmand is likely to suffer a nauseating choc shock. No, this hot chocolate wants to be enjoyed in small sips—slowly, just as slowly as it reaches perfection, simmering in small cauldrons, almost turning into fudge at its edges. With its mildly frothy texture and its subtle nuances of flavor, this hot chocolate is like a warm hug.

The rest of City Bakery, of course, is a genuine New York experience: busy, with long waiting lines and deafening levels of noise. The lofty space offers 120 seats—long banquette benches in beige and olive, bar stools with heavy iron legs or steel tubing, and Mid-century modern fiberglass chairs in turquoise. Most of those seats are hotly contested for most of the day. Expect a motley jumble of Prada bags, Bugaboo strollers, Mac notebooks, and the latest suggestion of the New York Times book review. Continue reading


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It’s hard to believe that you don’t see shades but actual bulbs going on and off, when looking at Jim Campbell’s Scattered Light installation in Madison Square Park. Utterly beautiful. Even more so after or before a burger at Shake Shack. Life can be good. 7 points.

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Overcoming beer obstacles

Here are some important missunderstandings concerning beer. Americans and British get it equally wrong when they think that a glass of beer needs to be filled until it runs over. No. One finger’s width or two underneath the edge is fine. The rest is foam. If it’s well done, the foam actually towers up. There’s a big misinterpretation concerning the color, too. Honey-yellowish, what ever, in any case: light. Not dark. The taste is slightly bitter.

In six months, I haven’t found an American beer that could provide that, and, needless to say, no bar tender who could draft it either. Until the magic moment I stumbled into Schiller’s. A great liquor bar and restaurant in the East Village that has my favorite beer on the menu: Czechvar, the Czech, original (!!!!!) Budweiser as marketed in North America. And it came with a lovely little head of foam. Heaven! 2 points.

Schiller’s, 131 Rivington St (@ Norfolk), East Village

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200 things to know

Browsing the web on my quest for other homesick people in New York, I found A Brit out of Water, a hillarious blog by a British in New York. You have to check out his 200 things you simply have to know about New York.

My favorites are

9. The longest and most depressing queueline in the world is at Whole Foods in Union Square.
10. Strike that, I’ve just been to Trader Joe’s.


65. There must be a world surplus of cream cheese. It’s the only explanation for why delis put so much of the damn stuff on every single bagel.

The rest of the list is not only as funny but also very helpful for the brand-new New Yorker. Thanks for the comfort, buddy!  One point.

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