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Current score

Exactly eight months ago, I moved to NYC. Some three months ago, I started my Heimweh Safari and I haven’t reached more than 28 points out of 100. Well. If I go on at that speed, I won’t reach my hundred points before finishing my graduate program and going back to Europe.

Yet, thinking of September when I sat on my unpacked suitcases and cried about where to find basic stuff such as a broom or dishwashing liquid, I have made some progress. Considerable progress, even. Let’s make it one point for that. So we’re at 29 points out f 100.

P.S.: It’s Target. Take the Brooklyn bound 2, 3, 4, 5, Q or B to Atlantic Ave and get your vacuum cleaner, detergent, toaster, bottle opener, … for a reasonable price.


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Score: current result

After six months in New York and seven weeks of blogging, the city and I have reached a score of 18 points. Not so much. Still homesick.

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