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Under water

Did I ever say, that you didn’t need rainboots in Vienna? Well, I was wrong. Within two hours, there was more rain than usually in a whole month. More equally heavy rain is expected for the weekend. That’s crazy!


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Current score

Exactly eight months ago, I moved to NYC. Some three months ago, I started my Heimweh Safari and I haven’t reached more than 28 points out of 100. Well. If I go on at that speed, I won’t reach my hundred points before finishing my graduate program and going back to Europe.

Yet, thinking of September when I sat on my unpacked suitcases and cried about where to find basic stuff such as a broom or dishwashing liquid, I have made some progress. Considerable progress, even. Let’s make it one point for that. So we’re at 29 points out f 100.

P.S.: It’s Target. Take the Brooklyn bound 2, 3, 4, 5, Q or B to Atlantic Ave and get your vacuum cleaner, detergent, toaster, bottle opener, … for a reasonable price.

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Brooklyn rulez

Katia Kelly made it from Germany to France to, finally, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. In 20 years, she has raised two real Brooklynites, seen a figue tree in her garden grow and die and, since 2006, published a blog called Pardon Me For Asking. She reports on new restaurants in her neighbourhood, shops, new real estate, the debates on Gowanus Canal, her garden and a lot more stuff that you want to know, when you (would like to) live in Carroll Gardens. Apart from all the information bits, she has a web store featuring for instance this nice little shopper. It’s all cotton, measures 15″ x 18″ x 6″ and costs $18. Loving it. One point.

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Shopaholic’s delight

My note book clearly¬†shows that I have been working too much and enjoying to little these last months. I’m convinced that, if not less homesick, I’d be at least less miserable if I had shopped more frequently at Wiliamsburg’s most delightful thrift store Beacon’s Closet. The not-so-secret yet simple formula is: get amazing designer clothing for almost nothing. Continue reading

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